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If you have ever tried to run to the top of a very steep hill without stopping you probably ended up gasping for air, this is how I feel about my need to create images.

I see photography as a unique medium because it straddles the space between a moment of time and the witnessed perspective of how the photographer sees the world.  My mantra is a quote by Robert Hughes, which truly sums up how I feel about my work.

“Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently.  It should give us coherent sensations which we might otherwise not have had”.

I grew up traveling and I remember vividly taking my mom’s twin lens camera for a five week summer camp into the mountains of North Carolina with a single 12 exposure roll of film when I was eleven.  The precious 12 frames were mine to fill with the jewels of summer. The quest to visually fill the frame has never stopped.

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