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Ryan Hunter

Current Exhibit

Opening Reception

Friday July 14, 6-9PM

Gallery viewing is not available this week.  The gallery will be open August 22 from 1:30PM to 5:30PM and by appointment.  To schedule an appointment please call the gallery director Christopher Broughton at (805) 601-7530


Based in Los Angeles, Ryan Hunter is an award-winning photographer best known for his captivating documentary and dynamically lit portrait photographs of musicians and celebrities. His award-winning work is regularly featured in Guitar Center’s ad campaigns, critically-acclaimed TV program At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt and Guitar Center Sessions, as well as numerous publications worldwide. His deft grasp of the craft has allowed him to capture legendary artists at their most intimate moments – showcasing musicians including Eric Clapton, Metallica, Linkin Park, Deadmau5 and Slash, to name a few.

Hunter’s passion for photography began over 20 years ago, when his stepdad gave him his first camera. Initially, Hunter started shooting his friend’s garage bands and eventually began shooting flyers, album covers and concerts of up-and-coming Punk bands in Hollywood. It didn’t take long for Hunter to make a name for himself as a photographer in the Punk music scene and before long he was offered an opportunity to shoot bands at the Warped Tour, leading to a two year stint capturing live shows for Revolt In Style magazine.